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This resource is a narrated animation on how gram staining of bacteria is done.

This site presents the historical developments that led to the determination of the structure and biological functions of... see more

Cells, regardless of whether they are in an organ in the human body or a component of a bacterial colony, can sense the... see more

"The student investigates the interaction of antimicrobial therapies and host defenses in eliminating an infection."

This site provides a Flash movie of the ATP synthase gradient in action. The video introduces biological gradients and... see more

This website includes information of various cultivation media for bacteria. The names of common bacteriologic media... see more

This animation demonstrates two full cycles of electron donation. It also illustrates the various components involved in... see more

A protein is transferred through a sequence of membrane structures. The Golgi apparatus is one structure involved in... see more

This resource shows what happens when HIV first enters the nody. It also shows the interaction of the gp120 protein with... see more

The Virtual Genetics Education Centre (VGEC) is an award winning hub of evaluated genetics-related resources for teachers... see more

Features 30 peer-reviewed journals from Brazil, China, India, Inodesia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.... see more

bioRxiv (pronounced bio-archive) is a free online archive and distribution for unpublished preprints in the life... see more

A website with the most recent research on HIV/AIDS created by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

As an introduction to the world of bacteriology, this site provides information about fossil records, life history,... see more

'This book is a concise introduction to the common blood tests and concepts used in pathology. It is aimed at... see more

Discussion and illustrations/animations of the polymerase chain reaction.

This site provides an animation that concentrates on how proteins respond to extracellular signals and how proteins are... see more

This link from the American Museum of Natural History has a great 2-minute YouTube video program showing how pathogens... see more

Highwire facilitates access to over 1.1 million full text scholarly articles on medical/biomedical topics. Most journal... see more

TransportDB is a relational database describing the predicted cytoplasmic membrane transport protein complement for... see more

This online version of a textbook is written by multiple authors and covers pathogens that are studied in bacteriology,... see more

The phylum Myxozoa contains over 2100 species of parasites that principally infect fish, although some species infect... see more

The aim was to evaluate the impact of biofield treatment modality on mycobacterial strains in relation to... see more

Klebsiella pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae) is a common nosocomial pathogen causing respiratory tract (pneumoniae) and blood... see more