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This module was the third place winner of the 2011 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'At the end of this module, students will... see more

This is an excellent site that covers all aspects of the physiology and anatomy of the digestive system as well as... see more

This is an e-learning resource on Patient Assessment. The course includes 15 different modules and entails a quiz.

This interactive learning resource focuses on publications that are important to the patient safety movement. The stated... see more

Video lecture series on the perioperative care of patients.  These video lectures are aimed at medical and nursing... see more

This resource was the third place winner in the 2013 Softchalk Lesson Challenge. 'The skills of physical assessment and... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial was developed to discuss the doctor-patient relationship.  According to the material, after... see more

This module is about preeclampsia. I will go over the signs and symptoms along with the causes and risk factors for... see more

This learning resource is Chapter 6 of an open textbook, Primary Maternal Care. It includes case studies Primary Maternal... see more

The key objectives develop an understanding of the dimensions of access to health care; create greater awareness of... see more

"Rash, Rashes and The Art of Skin Diagnosis", is a freely available self-paced medical student and resident tutorial... see more

In this lesson, students learn how to interpret the calibration markings on a Physician Mechanical Beam Scale and... see more

Research Therapy is an ongoing video series of short introductions to basic research concepts using video, text and... see more

In May 2010 Surgery in Africa Monthly Reviews published Part One of an online Review of the Prevention and Treatment of... see more

In July 2010 Surgery in Africa Monthly Reviews published the second part of an online Review on the Prevention and... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial is designed to explain Risk Management in the Healthcare field.  According to the website: ... see more

This interactive learning resource focuses on safe medication administration. The stated learning objectives are:... see more

This is a short video that explains how to deal with "sharps" or "needlestick injury," which is when blood or body fluid... see more

This is a 4:10 minute YouTube animated tutorial that discusses the spinal cord and it's features. Information from the... see more

After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Explain how the Swiss Cheese Model provides a theoretical framework... see more

A great resource for parents, kids, and teens.  Information provided on diseases, conditions, infections, safety, and the... see more

This is a short tutorial on how to take a patient's temperature. Information includes how to prepare to do it, how to do... see more

According to the website "The aim of this course is to enable the student to understand and recognize normal ECGs and... see more

Please enjoy some of our resources on the human heart, which have been curated by our very own in-house staff of... see more