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An insurance firm is looking to upgrade its operating software system. They are faced with three alternatives, which are... see more

In the case study below, this B2B firm is considering their strategic growth options. However, they are faced with two... see more

For this exercise, assume that you are the marketing manager for a large hotel chain. You’ve been asked to put together a... see more

This activity highlights several common channel conflict situations, across three different industries. For each... see more

A common cliché is ‘let’s cut out the middle man’. Removing the middle-man (a wholesaler) from the channel will provide a... see more

Many franchise systems tend to be retail-based. While franchises typically have a greater success rate than new... see more

This activity outlines two situations in regards to the potential impact on the firm’s positioning due to their... see more

A significant proportion of planned sales promotions do not get effectively, implemented due to the lack of full support... see more

Many firms target their sales promotions at wholesalers and retailers in an attempt to generate greater support and... see more

For this activity, assume that you have just been appointed as a salesperson for a company that distributes ‘accounting... see more

This discussion exercise has been written and provided by Dr Gillian Hopkinson from Lancaster University in the UK.... see more

This is a free marketing game that requires students working in teams to determine their 4P’s and trade with other teams... see more

Here is the “advanced positioning marketing simulation game” now available for free download here…... see more

This is a free marketing simulation game for flipped classrooms. It is Excel-based and easy to learn and fun to play. It... see more

Background to the student activity Pringles is a snack brand owned by Kellogg’s, and is sold in over 140 countries. Most... see more

While teaching cases online involves many of the same approaches as teaching cases in a physical classroom, there are... see more

This is a SlideShare presentation that describes how the Affluent Millennials are a new, powerful force that shapes the... see more

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) has developed an OER in financial management consisting of 21 learning modules that can... see more

This courseware offers an introductory look into financial accounting. Each topic is broken up into units with an... see more

Download (PDF) Fiscal Fact No. 385: Case Study #7: The Earned Income Tax Credit These results are part of an eleven-part... see more

Looking for project schedueling, we are helping students regarding initiate any project from scratch. Through this blog... see more

Teaching Notes for this Marketing Activity This marketing exercise is designed to look at the most valuable brands in the... see more

Agenter is the best place for anyone who wants to earn more money online. Here you can make money in the form of... see more

The Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership (CLEO) is the world’s only online library for teaching materials on... see more