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Studies on the influence of video content on student outcomes in online courses generally reveal two consistent and... see more

With advances in learning management systems and online course delivery methods, teachers have a variety of options to... see more

Synchronous hybrid delivery, defined as a course option where mutually exclusive groups of online and on-campus students... see more

Virtual classrooms allow students and instructors to communicate synchronously using features such as audio, video, text... see more

Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate differences in online and face-to-face (F2F) student performance.... see more

Asynchronous discussions are often utilized in online courses to provide a venue for students to openly communicate and... see more

This paper reports on a case study of group facilitation in Second Life, a three-dimensional virtual world that simulates... see more

Providing feedback to students on their writing represents perhaps the most important task of a composition instructor... see more

Empirical studies have yielded mixed results with regard to the issue of whether the online and traditional modalities... see more

In this paper, the authors report on how students' perception of course material in terms of importance, utility, and... see more

On online asynchronous discussion boards, instructor questions are considered a driving force in student engagement and... see more

This paper reports on a study whose purpose was to compare student ratings of instruction in online and face-to-face... see more

The way teachers are represented in relation to massive open online courses (MOOCs) has created a limited and unhelpful... see more

The revolutionary potential of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has been met with much skepticism, particularly in... see more

Recent research suggests that a growing proportion of formal learning occurs outside formal educational settings, where... see more

Over the past five years, the emergence of interactive social media has influenced the development of learning... see more

This article seeks to suggest a method for those who teach online courses to move beyond passive instructional techniques... see more

Theories and models about self-regulated learning are important to educators attempting to understand why some learners... see more

Based on a case study built upon an introductory digital media class in a large urban school, this case study explores... see more

Youth today are using web-based technologies and social media at record rates. A reported 95% of teens use the Internet... see more

In this paper, the author reports on a study of the online activity of students in a final-year unit in the Internet... see more

Connections are drawn between the development of intercultural sensitivity, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and... see more

The importance of dictionaries in language learning is indisputable. The emergence of online dictionaries has noticeably... see more

The authors use experiences with an elementary social studies methods course to create dialogic conversations about the... see more