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Video of Head to toe Health Assesment 

This website provides a wide range of information about medications including descriptions, side effects, indications,... see more

What to look for and how to prevent Pressure Ulcers.

Educational Videos about insulin, heart, strokes, and other medical issues. 

Nursing students in nursing school are required to take a nursing class called maternity nursing. This is where students... see more

Pheochromocytoma nclex review lecture on the pathophysiology, causes, signs and symptoms, nursing interventions,... see more

Carnegie Mellon University's Open Science LibGuide for Biological Sciences will provide you with resources for making... see more

This is a guideline to isolation precautions to prevent the spread of infection in the health care setting. It includes... see more

Learn about correct levels for electrolytes and complications caused in hyper/hypo level situations. 

In class instruction about physical activity and the consequences of inactivity.

UWorld Test Prep offers test preparation, practice tests and assessments for more than 1 million users who are preparing... see more

Life and death decisions are a part of nursing, and ethics are therefore fundamental to the integrity of the nursing... see more

All facets of offshore decommissioning are discussed in a form suitable for the new entrant to the subject. In... see more

This little book is a primer. The target readership here is not necessarily only for engineers, but also for those... see more

This book describes, in 5 volumes, an Integrated Data Protection and Privacy Management System (DP&P System) and a... see more

Ultraviolet Light and Its Uses is a short introduction and guide to ultraviolet light (UV) and its many and varied... see more

This website clearly explains what arterial blood gases (ABGs) are, how they are analyzed and how to read the results!

Testing one's knowledge regarding the NICU. Common issues seen in the babies in the NICU. 

Have you ever wondered what happens when a baby takes their first breath? How Do A Newborn's Lungs Work? 

information and quiz to learn EKG interpretations

This hypermedia/video object presents basic concepts of rectifiers. Tt belongs to the collection Projeto VISIR+. 

This hypermedia/video object presents the basic concepts of impedance in three parts: electric resistance, capacitance... see more

This hypermedia/video object presents the basic concepts of voltage, direct current and alternate current. It belongs to... see more

This hypermedia/video object presents the use of remote lab VISIR - Virtual Intrument Systems in Reality. It belongs to... see more