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An online developmental writing guide. Contains nearly 200 interactive applications to help students work from a basic... see more

This resource will help in the writing of a basic essay.

Understanding and recording information. CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading. Can-Do Statement: Can understand the main... see more

Contains 40000+ entries with brief definitions and examples. Also features Activities, a Pronunciation Guide, as well as... see more

Clip 18.25 minutes - tips and techniques for describing a bar chart. Geared to IELTS Academic Writing Task 1. CEFR... see more

Clip 7.32 minutes – tips and techniques for writing complex sentences that describe line graphs– IELTS oriented. CEFR... see more

Clip 18.41 minutes – tips, range of vocabulary, language of comparison, useful sentences, template for writing 4... see more

A free online pronouncing dictionary with Instant Sound. American and British spellings, with British English... see more

Read how you can finally learn to speak English quickly by curating your own free and hugely effective social learning... see more

This is an English language skills textbook to help ELL students acquire communication skills in the community... see more

This is an English language skills textbook to help ELL students acquire communication skills in the community... see more

Engage your students in experiential (hands on) learning activities that promote social skills via teamwork, higher order... see more

To provide rigorous English language instruction that prepares conditionally and provisionally admitted international... see more

The International Dialects of English Archive, IDEA, was created in 1997 as a repository of primary source recordings for... see more

This is a textbook that was developed to be used in a course on Academic Writing for ESL. It consists of the following... see more

W elcome to this OER course redesign project for ESOL 162, Level 6 Academic Writing at Portland Community College. This... see more

This project is about introducing the concept of Extensive Reading to second language learners, especially English... see more

This course is designed to provide new teachers or people interested in becoming teachers with some inspiration for the... see more

These interactive charts of the International Phonetic Alphabet will link you to a Flash animation of the sounds and... see more

“It’s All Greek to Me!” has everything—entertaining stories, academic articles in a variety of disciplines, vocabulary... see more

The Kindersite Project is a global project to: 1. Introduce technology to very young children 2. Introduce English as a... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle. Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

'FunEasyLearn is the easy and fun new way to learn English - whether you like listening music from other countries,... see more