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Virtual guided tour of the ancient walled city of Carcassonne. In French, English, and Italian. Excellent cultural... see more

The Foundation provides teachers with authentic French language materials and easy to use, classroom tested lesson plans... see more

This site has many resources for teachers of elementary-level French, designed by native French instructors.

In this just-in-time activity, students will take a virtual tour of a Francophone city by visiting the TV5 Monde Cités du... see more

Casa de Joanna is a teacher-designed index of resources for foreign language education. Resources include thematically... see more

This site is a megasite for French culture and language. It has been produced by the Centre International d'études... see more

Chansons françaises is a resource that accompanies the French program Français Interactif. It contains authentic... see more

The official site of cartoonist Claire Bretécher with a gallery of classic cartoon strips

This site provides poems in French

This open textbook is being utilized in a French 1 course for undergraduate and graduate students by Valerie Morgan,... see more

This site offers live an international array of live radio, TV, music, and Webcam throughout the world.

Rhymes, songs and poems, some with sound. Geared toward the young learner, but usable in French classes where traditional... see more

It provides a wide range of articles, plural nouns, prepositions, pronominal verbs,indirect object pronouns, relative... see more

Mega/resource site for French studies. All the URLs checked out by the author. Reprises the usual good sites like La... see more

Activities that expose students to the various cuisines of France, region by region. From Canal Reve, click the remote... see more

Virtual French class with testing.. In the words of the author :"Bienvenue dans la classe virtuelle de francais.... see more

A French language online dictionary of professions. Users can read job profiles and match them to their talents and... see more

Grâce à un inventaire de plus de 11000 combinaison de mots, une différenciation précise des synonymes et une organisation... see more

To review French verbs and French grammar with 2 doawnloadable free sofware to work offline.

cours de francais totalement automatise.

Dynamots is a French language program with beginning and intermediate exercises at the A1, A2 and B1 levels of... see more

Existing and make-your-own quizzes in French.

The goal for this plan is to teach students French vocabulary for fruit and vegetables while addressing the need to... see more