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When an activity results in a negative externality (external cost), the market outcome will not be efficient. In these... see more

Problems in Microeconomics is a set of practice problems and interactive lecture displays for students and faculty in... see more

This lesson illustrates using data and graphs the relationship between productivity and costs in the short-run, and how... see more

Students apply economic concepts to a professional basketball association. The lesson underscores the importance of... see more

This submission is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR). This StAIR is designed for a high school level economics... see more

This narrated lecture is part of a series of resources that encompass Flash with a lecture for a Microeconomics course.... see more

Natural monopoly that enjoys large-scale economy presents a troubling conflict between profit maximization and efficiency... see more

This lesson focuses on just the per-unit cost curves, their shapes, and the relationships between them. As you will see,... see more

This short video shows the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail sales and employment levels.

This is a lesson plan that utilizes a linked article from November 2000. The purpose of the plan is to: 1. explain how... see more

In this video from the Explore Economics series, kids learn about income, spending, saving, and savings goals. They are... see more

The basic economic problem is one rooted in both the natural world and in human greed. We live in a world of limited... see more

What would you do if you showed up to class and there weren't nearly enough chairs to go around? Well, you're facing an... see more

This site presents a collection of recent developments on sensitivity analysis. It includes sensitivity analysis in... see more

These lesson plans were developed by the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) which was established to improve... see more

In this podcast Dr Robert Hoffmann talks about how important psychology is to business and asks if we have talked... see more

This (working) paper, while considering some theoretical insights to the debate, tries to make a conscious decision to... see more

A paper that traces the subprime mortgage crisis to a policy decision by the managers of Fannie Mae (Federal National... see more

This video is 4 minutes long and will cover standard EPF.3 (a). Student will be able to identify the parts of a supply... see more

This book is from the Open Textbook Library 'With “Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation”, first and second-year... see more

This powerpoint, a stand alone instructional resource will help students understand how to calculate Elasticity, and how... see more

A nation's terms of trade determine the value of its exports relative to the price of its imports. Using price indexes, a... see more

When countries specialize their production and trade with other countries, they stand to enjoy great benefits. This video... see more

This glossary contains terms and concepts from international economics, including both international trade and... see more