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In this 5 minute video, students will examine what inflation is and how it can affect consumers and producers. This video... see more

This case quantifies inflation expectations, as reflected in bond yields, over time. This activity can be used as either... see more

Across the world, developing countries are attempting to balance the international standards of intellectual property... see more

This is a 12 question quiz to determine what you know about resumes. You are able to score the quiz and also access the... see more

These are new assessment tools where students can work to demonstrate their mastery of the concepts and component skills... see more

In this interactive assignment, students will find real world examples of supply and demand shifts by conducting a search... see more

This is an online microeconomics text that covers topics such as The Principles of Equilibrium Analysis, Consumer Theory... see more

Intermediate Microeconomics is a comprehensive microeconomic theory text that uses real world policy questions to... see more

This book is based on the idea that there is a particular framework used by economists to interpret observed reality.... see more

This open resource question bank provides problem sets for students of Intermediate Microeconomics. Questions are also... see more

Contains data on Official Development Assistance (ODA), Official Aid (OA) and other lending to developing countries and... see more

Historically, international trade has played a critical role in enabling countries to grow, develop, and become... see more

As noted by Jose Vazquez in the abstract for his presentations at the 2017 CTREE and International Atlantic Economic... see more

This is a classroom activity to introduce students to the idea of backward induction. Students, in teams of two, play the... see more

We introduce the concept of aggregate demand by comparing it to the micro concept of demand. We'll also outline the... see more

Different countries have different currencies, and understanding how their values are determined is fundamental to... see more

This video lesson will introduce the use of fiscal policies by a government aimed at expanding or contracting the level... see more

This introductory survey course is intended to develop an understanding of key issues and dilemmas of planning in... see more

Many students come into economics not really knowing what they will learn. Some students think issues like taxes and the... see more

Markets are thought to be the most efficient system for allocating society's scarce resources. However, what if markets... see more

Many students come into economics not really knowing what they will learn. Some students think issues like taxes and the... see more

This lesson will introduce some of the characteristics of monopolies and use a demand schedule to derive the demand and... see more

Demand for a factor of production by a firm reflects the same inverse relationship with the factor's price as demand for... see more

This activity is appropriate for an early class period in either a micro principles or an environmental economics course.... see more