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Interactive tutorial about plagiarism

Visual aid describing the parts of an academic journal article.

This workshop explains how to select MERLOT learning objects that support teaching and learning.

Family-friendly thematic activities that foster content-rich digital and information literacies

This presentation provides information about how to determine the quality of information sources, namely, by examining... see more

Find the book that you need on the shelves! Also play against other students in the bookshoot game! This is a short, fun,... see more

"Use the Google search box to find exactly what you're looking for, including answers to math problems and the current... see more

This tutorial explains how to foster ICT literacy by choosing and incorporating learning objects to help students gain... see more

These guidelines constitute the second edition of the IFLA ‘School Library Guidelines’. The first edition of the school... see more

A series of information literacy modules from the University of Idaho.

This collection brings together scholarship and pedagogy from multiple perspectives and disciplines, offering nuanced and... see more

This is a free, online tutorial. It's purpose is to provide "a free online tutorial to help university students develop... see more

iSeek Education is considered one of the "Best Search Engines for Education" targeted for use by students, educators,... see more

This source contains information about copyright and fair use and teaching.

The WA School Library Association (WASLA) has created this easy to navigate website, which is a repository of many... see more

This learning tool gives step-by-step instructions for finding material in a library and in online databases. Although... see more

The organizational website of the National Coalition Against Censorship. The site includes a blog, analysis of censorship... see more

These brief, video tutorials are designed to help students use the library and enhance their information literacy skills.... see more

A plagiarism workbook that is ideal for introducing and working through the concept of plagiarism with college and... see more

This guide, created by University of Washington librarians, contains 5 modules focused on introducing students to... see more

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a comprehensive resource for developing, assisting, and supporting all phases of... see more

A collection of quick video tutorials on library research topics

This tutorial is brought to you by the California School Library Association (CSLA) 2.0 Team. You will learn about Web... see more

A You-Tube video that explains in a fun way how to conduct more efficient searches in library databases. It explains how... see more