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Authored by Laura Little of the University of Washington, this tutorial exposes students to conducting multiple... see more

This is a game students can play where they are scored on how well they interpret overlap of confidence intervals.

This statistical homepage contains educational material of interest to faculty and students studying statistics. It is... see more

Take random steps left or right and see how far you get. You won't go far very often.

Regression contains three applets on linear, quadratic and exponential regression. Each allows the user to investigate... see more

An OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. The... see more

Included at this site are a variety of case studies that demonstrate the use of statistics. One can search the type of... see more

This tutorial takes the learner step-by-step in applying descriptive and inferential statistics using a real world... see more

This site presents statistical concepts and tests as they are applied and implemented on commercial software packages... see more

This is a large collection of Geogebra based activities for confidence intervals.

This is a collection of data journalism training materials. Many (although not all) of the exercises have directions that... see more

In decision-making under pure uncertainty, the decision-maker has no knowledge regarding any of the states of nature... see more

This data file comes from the Data and Story Library. It contains the 1970 draft data including month, day of month, day... see more

This activity allows users to create and manipulate boxplots for either built-in data or their own data. Discussion,... see more

An interactive multimedia course of study about statistics

The objective of the activity is to make students aware of the thinking process involved in doing exploratory data... see more

MedCalc is a statistical software package for biomedical research. Free statistical calculators: Test for one mean, Test... see more

This web site contains notes and materials for a course on statistical forecasting that has been taught at the Fuqua... see more

Tutorial on the ANOVA test in statistics and probability, with a description, formulas, example, and a calculator applet.... see more

This applet illustrates the p-value of a test of significance for means. Users set the null and alternative hypotheses,... see more

It is a calculator for the calculus of probability from Single, Independent and Dependent events. Also Bayes´Theorem and... see more

This page, created by Mark Plonsky of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, gives a description of correlation,... see more

Este sitio Web es un curso de valoración estadística; es decir, para adquirir un sentido a la manera del razonamiento... see more

Every day we have to make decisions about uncertain events like, 'Is that my phone ringing or one on the television?',... see more