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An experimental dust explosion is shown. This is actually a fireball since it is uncontained and does not create a... see more

This course is intended to help create a new generation of emergency managers who are better informed and better prepared... see more

The program will show how experts can successfully meet the legal standards for conducting an investigation and... see more

Lessons from ten years of CSB investigations on preparing for chemical disasters. Investigation Details: T2 Laboratories... see more

Emergency services trade magazines, courses, and videos present much information regarding vehicle accidents that occur... see more

DESCRIPTION At a sterilization plant, bypassing a safety interlock has catastrophic results. Investigation Details

This site containes a PowerPoint presentation (split into 2 parts for ease of dwnloading) on the 16 Intitiaves for Fire... see more

Professor Paul Grant details the specific instances where you need to be concerned with building collapse. These include... see more

Professor William D. Hicks details examples of successful fire service evacuations.

Jim Pharr examines a fire in a small house where three different fires were present. In the house, there were two... see more

Jim Pharr examines gasoline and the explosive range.

The Fifth Door and Modified Dash Lift extrication techniques described below will save time, require fewer tools, and... see more

A British video showing the operation of fire sprinkers. Many myths are dispelled.

A section of the Fire Wiki that sucinctly defines the classes of fire. As with any Wiki, always verify content when using... see more

A section of the Fire Wiki, hosted by the Open Fire Academy. The material's detail and depth should grow as knowledgeable... see more

This is a training video that teaches how to use a fire extinguisher.

A CSB safety video depicting events leading to the August 28, 2008, catastrophic explosion and fire at the Bayer... see more

"The United States has the highest fire losses in terms of both frequency and total losses of any modern technological... see more

A You tube video that shows the drive from the station to a house fire. Video shows much of the exterior attack and the... see more

NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) requires that every healthcare occupancy have written copies of a plan for the protection in... see more

You Tube video illustating a public education approach at Sienna College

The Minger Foundation has created an RA Guide to Teaching Fire Safety, series of posters, and videos that you can use in... see more

Straw bales hve been increasingly used a construction material. That usage may increase due to superior insulating... see more

Watch, Listen and Learn At Eastern Kentucky University we believe that our online fire science courses should be both... see more