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These are the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) as effective December 01, 2016. The FRE govern the introduction of evidence... see more

The French Open Educational Resources (OER) Portal, containing 30,000+ high-quality OERs, 15,000+ videos, and French OER... see more

Extensive collection of links to courts, state agencies and other resources in California

This course looks at the complex regulatory framework under which the primary driver of the healthcare industry, which... see more

A doctor’s visit can be a stressful experience not only because it involves health issues, but also because it generates... see more

Immigration Law Symposium at February 17-18, 2011 University of California, Irvine School of Law. Our labor markets rely... see more

This course looks at the rules that govern many kinds of insurance and introduces you to the purposes that insurance... see more

'This Intellectual Property Supplement from eLangdell Press contains the text of federal laws and regulations in the area... see more

This basic tort law class introduces viewers to the most common torts and the bases upon which personal injury laws in... see more

The Internet and technology present continuing challenges to U.S. law as technology often changes faster than the law can... see more

This is a free course offered as part of the Saylor Foundation's Professional Development program. 'This program is... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'Introduction to American Law provides an overview of the legal system in... see more

JURIST is the Internet's legal education portal, the only comprehensive university-based gateway to authoritative legal... see more

This course looks at zoning and zoning regulation alternatives as they have been applied throughout the United States.... see more

This course explores the responsibilities and remedies of landlords and tenants. This is an introductory-level course,... see more

Your link to important issues happening in the law today. Each issue has an article for students, comprehensive lesson... see more

Law of Commercial Transactions is an up-to-date textbook that covers legal issues that students who engage in commercial... see more

The purpose of this casebook is to train law students to think and act like probate attorneys. This book is meant to be... see more

About Course By taking up fundamental items regarding the laws on medicine, the classwork will give thoughts to each... see more

This course looks at many issues relevant to the process of transitioning between jobs, including notice, termination,... see more

This video was recorded at YALE - EVST 255 - Environmental Politics and Law. This lecture continues the previous class's... see more

This video was recorded at YALE - EVST 255 - Environmental Politics and Law. The lecture addresses the issue of takings... see more

This video was recorded at MIT 6.912 Introduction to Copyright Law - January (IAP) 2006. Go to LexisNexis®, "Legal... see more