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Instructions and a video showing you how to make a tomato glow. A great way to capture your class's attention!

Really outstanding pictures and thumbnail encyclopedic information (ie. date discovered, where, by whom).

Lots of information and links to vocabulary and experiments about magnets and magnetism

Interactive site to build a graph of what a projectile does, once the specifics of weight, speed and angle of trajectory... see more

This is a collection of hands-on physics lesson plans for grade 1-6 educators. Each of the lesson plans is accompanied by... see more

Introduce the scientific method including terminology Provide a fun activity for students to experience how the... see more

Most science textbooks include a periodic table, but neglect to explain how to use it. This tutorial explains the... see more

Very kid friendly site. There are actual pictures of the various vocabulary and examples of places where water exists or... see more

NOISE (New Outlooks In Science & Engineering) is a UK-wide campaign funded by the Engineering & Physical Sciences... see more

Fun site for middle school science. Students interact with an "Arnold-like" character. Students help the character find... see more

The search for sustainable energy will dominate the twenty-first century. This unit provides an introductory overview of... see more

This text is designed to acquaint students with the physical, ecological, social, and political principles of... see more

This is an interactive program that walks you through the basics of aseptic technique and how to work under a laminar... see more

Play against the computer on this mini version of the game where strategy goes out the window as your pieces enter... see more

An updated list of biological, medical, and chemical journals available online.

Staying fit is not just for your body. It is also important that we keep fit brains. Brain fitness begins with learning... see more

Explore Science is a great website from California Academy of Sciences which provide teachers and educators with a... see more

The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science provides ideas, workshops, Journals, and an explanation of the... see more

This movie is a chemical demonstration showing the reaction of aqueous lead nitrate with aqueous potassium iodide to form... see more

This tutorial explains the value of taking your own notes in class and how to organize those notes.  This is part 2 of a... see more

The Global Greenhouse Warming web site contains over 100 informative pages on climate change; including sections on... see more

A page full of chemical experiments you can do with things you can find (mostly) in the kitchen.  This page is in the... see more

This website has really cool interactive encryptography makers, factor trees, prime checkers, and a treasure hunt game... see more