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This OER Research Hub webinar "Are OER complementary or competitive with formal education? Some recent research findings"... see more

This video reports on the initial approach to OER localisation adopted by the Open University UK-led TESS-India (Teacher... see more

This is a webinar presentation that will: Define and give an overview of the benefits and challenges of open educational... see more

This is a slide presentation from the TAACCCT On! Conference (Oct 2014). The goal is to help the TAACCCT grantees from... see more

This video pays tribute to the people around the world using CC licenses to build a better, more vibrant creative... see more

This is Thursday evening keynote from the 2014 Washington Community College Math Conference, by David Lippman. The slides... see more

This is a video by David Wiley that explains what is meant by Open Education. He is Associate Professor of Instructional... see more

This video was created by Blink Tower (Cape Town, South Africa) for a 2012 video competition to explain why OER Matters.... see more

This is a short video that explains using OER to create a global community of teachers and learners.

Fundamental concepts; Energy, energy transfer and first law of thermodynamics;Properties of pure substances; Energy... see more

This is a presentation by Carl Blyth, Director of the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning... see more

This website describes Robert Gagne, his Conditions of Learning theory, and his instructional design model the Nine... see more

RealView Imaging is pioneering the field of interactive live holography, creating new dimensions for Augmented Reality.... see more

This presentation addresses fake news and the more general news and media literacies. Strategies, toolkits and other... see more

This PowerPoint presentation discusses the skills needed to be college-career ready, and explains the role that... see more

As devices become a ubiquitous necessity during class, these apps can help curb mobile distractions—a plus for professors... see more

Tutor to help you understand concepts in nursing school. You tube channel:simple nursing

This resource includes information for teachers, but also for students looking for extra information about genetics. The... see more

ANA President Pam Cipriano and U of Penn nursing researcher Linda Aiken discuss the impact fatigue has on nurses’ health... see more

An excellent review of stroke by EmpoweRN. Explains ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, diagnostics, treatments, and... see more

Resource from GW School of Nursing describing developmental stages in pediatric population.

A six minute video tutorial for nurses on the demonstration and explanation for how to start an intravenous catheter. The... see more