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Assessment is critical to successful case based learning and adopting/adapting existing cases is a good way to begin.... see more

These forestry lesson plans and field activities teach students: how trees function in an urban setting; how to collect... see more

Nicholas Economides of the Stern Business School at New York University has assembled a "collection of information on... see more

In this environmental education demonstration (page 6 of the PDF), learners will see a tangible representation of the... see more

This is an online game about the complexities of farming. Learners will "draw" cards and make decisions about how to take... see more

Tool and parts identification drill for Ag Teacher prep students. Also appropriate for high school students.

The University of Minnesota has created this resource titled "The Agricultural Drainage Series" which covers topics... see more

A chapter on listening skills from the textbook, Communication Skills, developed by the Language Communication for... see more

After reading "A Sound of Thunder," students will further investigate the impact of the "butterfly effect" as it pertains... see more

Google Custom Searches can be a useful tool to direct student use of the Web resource. Articles describe this application... see more

Lesson Plan Template with help for each field. Lesson plan can be saved in Word or HTML format. Standarized format helps... see more

An online calculator that computes Distribution Uniformity (DU) and precipitation rate from irrigation audit catchment... see more

Dr. Phillip Barak, Associate Professor of Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has put together this... see more

In this activity, learners use sieves with different-sized holes to sort balls by size. They learn that researchers are... see more

Here you can find a variety of tools for assessing the dietary intake of individuals.

This video was recorded at Otvoritvena konferenca 6. okvirnega programa EU (2002 - 2006), Ljubljana 2002. The language is... see more

This video was recorded at 9th International Colloquium on Grammatical Inference (ICGI), Saint-Malo 2008. ICGI-2008 is... see more

The phylum Myxozoa contains over 2100 species of parasites that principally infect fish, although some species infect... see more

An online calculator that can be used to demonstrate how tractors are ballasted. Useful to use with a lab worksheet.... see more

Through computer technology (WebCT, Blackboard), students develop a paper topic (in this case, the human impacts on... see more

This is an example of a writing assignment focused on the use of data to understand the earth's recent climate history.

Through computer technology, students develop a paper topic (in this case, invasive species) with the assistance of... see more

This role playing game allows students to explore the issue of habitat loss and its effects on animal populations.

This activity is a water study investigation showing how biotic and abiotic factors are influenced by human activity.