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In this activity, learners explore how the application of nano-sized particles or coatings can change a bigger... see more

In this activity (on page 1), learners role play as atoms to explore how atoms can be rearranged to make different... see more

In this demonstration/experiment, learners discover that different colors and materials (metals, fabrics, paints) radiate... see more

In this activity, students will learn the difference between sea ice and glaciers in relation to sea level rise. They... see more

In this activity, students are introduced to tree rings by examining a cross section of a tree, also known as a 'tree... see more

In this activity related to plant biotechnology, learners transform a strain of E. coli using green fluorescent protein... see more

In this activity, students act as water molecules and travel through parts of the water cycle (ocean, atmosphere, clouds,... see more

In this demonstration (18th on the page), learners conduct a simple test to explore how the cornea refracts light, which... see more

Aristid Lindenmayer, a botanist, invented L-Systems to describe plant development. L-Systems generates 2-d fractal... see more

FRED (A Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics) is a freely available open-source agent-based modeling... see more

Clickable map simulates smallpox, influenza, and zombie epidemics.

This site follows the daily adventures of wildlife biologists as they travel different sites studying wildlife and their... see more

This website features teachers' guides developed by Sea World featuring marine mammal educational materials for K-12. 14... see more

This video was recorded at Mednarodni posvet Biološka znanost in družba: Organizmi kot živi sistemi / International... see more

This guided inquiry three-part activity engages learners in thinking about the mechanism of natural selection by... see more

In this activity, learners explore how genetic switches function and the role of genetic switches in the process of... see more

In this activity related to plant biotechnology, learners use the tissue culture process to rapidly produce clones... see more

In this physical sciences activity, learners explore how forensic investigators collect prints from a crime scene.... see more

In this outdoor activity/game, learners use thermometers to simulate how lizards survive in habitats with extreme... see more

The ATETV project delivers web-based videos to connect students to careers in advanced technology. This episode of ATETV... see more

This is a series of tutorials on experimental procedures in biological sciences

This video was recorded at Predavanja na Nacionalnem inštitutu za biologijo, Ljubljana. Dodatni materiali so na razpolago... see more

This video was recorded at Workshop on Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology, Manchester 2007. The construction and the... see more

Created by Dr. Robert Huber of Bowling Green State University, this page lists the laboratories and java projects for a... see more