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An exciting clinical review of the variety of treatment options for those suffering from catatonia.

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) recommended clinical practice guidelines to reduce contaminated blood cultures

What is Pulmonary Hypertension, signs and symptoms, types of PH, diagnosis, and treament.

A study which pain assessment and management in pediatric population

This article describes some of the newest treatment options available to patients with melanoma, the deadliest form of... see more

Social Media is a majority evil and does not reflect our real lives. It disconnects us from reality and sets unrealistic... see more

This is a great website that provides links to various articles discussing childhood obesity.

This article is a pilot study that describes the care, use, and results from using Peripheral Inserted Central Catheters.... see more

This article analyzes the increased risk pediatric oncology patients have for common viral infections. The study... see more

information about urinary tract infection caused by the uses of an indwelling catheter

"The fundamental advantages of using simulation during research mirror the advantages of simulation in education and... see more

Student perspective is a common go-to when it comes to evaluating teaching effectiveness; however, it could be better... see more

This blog entry details lessons to help students avoid plagiarizing.

This material gives the reader information about Pamidronate treatment for osteogenesis imperfecta in children younger... see more

Continuous assessment of nursing competence is vital to promoting patient safety. Simulation training is a recommended... see more

The authors examine whether and how specific institutional contexts shape student interactions with faculty. They... see more

Three female tenure-track faculty members at a Hispanic-Serving Institution explored how their cultural backgrounds... see more

This study examined the relationship between pre-tenure faculty members in different career stages during their tenure... see more

This article presents a literature review and synthesis of 252 publications, with the goal of informing scholars and... see more

A peer-reviewed, open-access journal published biannually, The Journal of Learning Spaces provides a scholarly,... see more

Peer J Computer Science is the new open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal covering all subject areas of computer... see more

This special report examines how literacy instruction is changing in the digital age, from learning to sound out words in... see more