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This program teaches how to add vectors geometrically. The student is shown how to add two vectors geometrically and then... see more

The purpose of this article is to raise students, and teachers awareness of issues in working with zero by providing the... see more

קורס חדו"א (חשבון דיפרנציאלי ואינטגרלי) 1 מוגבר הכולל הרצאות וידאו בנושאים: מושגים יסודיים בתורת הפונקציות, מבוא לחשבון... see more

This book covers chapters 10-11 of Precalculus: 10 Foundations of Trigonometry 11 Applications of Trigonometry

Math 113 Precalculus Algebra: Improving students' preparation for Calculus Structuring large lecture courses for student... see more

The geometric definition of a parabola is the set of all points whose distance from a fixed point, the focus, is equal to... see more

This site allows for practice of exponential equations. The student progresses through the equation by choosing the most... see more

An applet for experimenting with the arc length of graph of a cubic polynomial.

An applet for experimenting with graphs of cubic polynomials.

This video was recorded at MIT 18.01 Single Variable Calculus - Fall 2006. Calculus (Latin, calculus, a small stone used... see more

Precalculus published by OpenStax College is an excellent free open textbook for college-level precalculus students. This... see more

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Relations and Functions Chapter 2: Linear and Quadratic Functions Chapter 3: Polynomial... see more

These are notes for a course in precalculus, as it is taught at New York City College of Technology - CUNY (where it is... see more

Precalculus (was College Algebra) is an introductory text. The material is presented at a level intended to prepare... see more

The first portion of the book is an investigation of functions, exploring the graphical behavior of, interpretation of,... see more

'Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions is a free, open textbook covering a two-quarter pre-calculus sequence... see more

We utilize a hybrid model to teach what is usually a large lecture Precalculus Algebra class in a smaller "Active... see more

This site includes more than 40 tutorials in Intermediate Algebra topics with practice tests and answer keys. The site is... see more

This collection of worksheets, homework assignments, and study skills exercises was created through a Round 14 Textbook... see more

According to The Orange Grove, this text is "written for high school students. CK-12 Foundation’s Trigonometry FlexBook... see more

Course Redesign with Technology for CSU Dominguez Hills Precalculus course.

"Equation Genius will help you do you math in seconds. It supports: - 1st degree equations (ax + b = c) - Quadratic (2nd... see more

According to The Orange Grove, "Written for high school students. CK-12 Foundation's Geometry FlexBook is a clear... see more