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Since the Hawaiian Islands were all created by volcanic activity, it is somewhat surprising that only the island of... see more

Water vapor plays an important role in the water cycle and in the distribution of heat around the planet. By observing... see more

Early evidence showing striking similarities between regions on opposite sides of vast oceans suggested that in Earth's... see more

Dams are widely distributed throughout the U.S. Their impact is perhaps most apparent in western cities, many of which... see more

A recent report stated that in the next decade or so, nearly half of the world's population will live in countries whose... see more

Hurricane Katrina provided a stark reminder of the importance of accurate hurricane prediction. This video segment,... see more

The electromagnetic spectrum, spanning energies and wavelengths from radio waves to gamma rays, encompasses all forms of... see more

This video, the first of its kind, was captured by a special probe fitted with seven cameras to provide vertical and... see more

This website is the publications page of the NCNERR. The site includes downloadable field guides, NCNERR newsletters, and... see more

In the early 1900s, most geologists thought that Earth's appearance, including the arrangement of the continents, had... see more

Earth's surface has changed in countless ways during the 4.6 billion years since it formed, and it continues to change... see more

This video segment points out that we are consuming fossil fuels at a rate far faster than they can be produced in the... see more

Carbon is the basis of all organic molecules. It is also one of the most abundant elements in the universe. This video... see more

This radio broadcast reviews the evolution of metals since the discovery of copper in ancient times, and looks at how... see more

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, explores the possibility that extraterrestrial life might exist, and... see more

Most planetary scientists expected that lunar samples brought to back to Earth by the six Apollo missions would confirm... see more

Scientists have been looking for extra-solar planets for decades, but only recently, with better equipment and improved... see more

The Sun appears to shine at a constant rate. However, its magnetic field is actually constantly changing, and this... see more

During the first of two landings in the Mars Exploration Rover mission, scientists and engineers were full of... see more

Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has provided scientists with a vast amount of quality data and has... see more

In this video segment, Dr. Ayanna Howard, a robotics engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, describes the process... see more

All the stars in the universe, including the Sun, are nuclear furnaces fueled by fusion. Beginning with the fusion of... see more

This radio broadcast discusses the prospects for a Theory of Everything, why we need one, how we might achieve one, and... see more

Although the airless Moon experiences no weather analogous to terrestrial weather, conditions there are nothing short of... see more