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This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. This entertaining story could change your life. You could just read it for... see more

This is the "CareerJournal" Portal for the WSJ. The career development articles are always up-to-date. The "How Can We... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. Are you currently seeking a new job? Are you not sure where to begin and daunted... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'With this book we want to make it easier for you and help you find a new... see more

Ever wonder about a career in academia or science in the Netherlands? Or could you use some advice on successfully... see more

This is a free textbook from Bookboon. This book ' is an outcome of the lectures delivered by the author on this topic to... see more

Making an effective and impressive presentation is not easy. This book reviews one key technique that can enliven and... see more

A collection of career advice articles on interviewing, resume and cover letter preparation, career transitions,... see more

VOLUNTEERING is an excellent handbook providing insights and tools to those looking to volunteer, and for those who have... see more

'In this free eBook, learning and training professionals ask to the question “What Keeps You Up At Night”. Their... see more

NOTE: This is a BookBoon publication and you have to provide your email address to access it. The book is free for... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'The classic assertive model has transformed into a more respected personal... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon A bad boss can make a job hell. And a good working relationship with your boss... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon Want to give your career a boost? Can your job performance appraisal help? It... see more

על ההתמודדות עם שינוי הרגלים, ובהם התמכרויות לסוגיהן, שכרוכה בתהליך המתרחש בשלבים, בלי תלות וקשר לנושא השינוי או לסוג... see more

A one page free downloadable MS Word document demonstrating the process of writing SMART objectives.

This is a set of twelve PowerPoint slides that were designed for a “Technology Negotiations” class. This module has to do... see more

You will find information regarding leadership and employee engagement on this website. Further resources are available... see more

'We live in a world where there's a lot of negative information. WinStreak™ is a simple tool for making sure that, at the... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. This is your ultimate guide to answering the top 10 most asked interview... see more

Glassdoor is an anonymous workplace community that is free for users to have an inside look at over 108,000 companies —... see more

'Sound networking abilities are essential in a knowledge-based society. In consequence, people with broad and effective... see more

This is a test submission! This tutorial explains how to use the online catalog for the Library of Congress. It is tons... see more

'The Leadership Challenge Mobile Tool, based on concepts developed by best-selling authors James M. Kouzes and Barry Z.... see more