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This in-class demonstration combines real world data collection with the use of the applet to enhance the understanding... see more

This visualization activity combines student data collection with the use of an applet to enhance the understanding of... see more

This lesson uses data from the Center for Disease Control to give students experience with the Chi-Square Statistic.... see more

The purpose of this activity is to enhance students' understanding of various descriptive measures. In particular, by... see more

Describir las características básicas del Teorema Central del Límite y sus posibles aplicaciones prácticas con la... see more

This algebra lesson helps students understand the relationship between the shape of a graph and the movement of an... see more

This math lesson from Illuminations uses Venn diagrams to illustrate direct, indirect and transitive reasoning. Students... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will determine the period of a vibrating object, predict the period of... see more

This lesson plan from ATEEC will help students learn a real-world application of collecting and using data. Students will... see more

With this algebra lesson, students will gather data about different airlines, including flight delays, mishandled baggage... see more

This algebra lesson demonstrates exponential growth and decay. The document includes three different ways in which... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will "construct a function to automate the Pointer/Power Pulley to move a toy... see more

This opening assignment for an introductory quantitative reasoning course asks students to write about "Numbers We Should... see more

El siguiente Objeto de Aprendizaje aborda el tema de Razones trigonométricas de un ángulo trigonométrico en el plano... see more