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The anatomy dissection videos present the basic anatomy and lab procedures of the dissections performed by first year... see more

The medical gross anatomy learning modules present foundational information in a programmed learning format. Topics... see more

In this learning object, the user will learn what HPSAs, MUAs and MUPs are and how they are determined. Contains audio.... see more

This interactive learning resource is the second of a two-part series about Medicare. The stated learning objectives are:... see more

This page provides a description of mieosis that has both text and animated images. The page has a link to a comparison... see more

A lesson that requires students to work through a series of questions pertaining to the genetics of sickle cell disease... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial discusses the legal issues of Mental Health in healthcare.  According to the website, "After... see more

An web-based interactive tutorial designed to engage students in learning the steps of mesh analysis - KVL equations -... see more

Created to introduce students to the basics of operating and cleaning a compound microscope at Kirkwood Community... see more

This page provides a description of mitosis that has both text and animated images. The page has a link to a comparison... see more

Explicación del diagrama de clases de UML.

These tutorials provide simple explanations of covalent- and ionic bonding, as well as the seldom-taught... see more

This is one specific page off of SPARKNOTES. This web site explains the molecular orbital theory and offers practice... see more

Interactive instructional software for Strength of Materials

This web site contains a list of organic reaction types that you can click on to see examples of such reactions, however... see more

A tutorial about the .NET framework. This is an introduction to the concepts of this framework.

NetAnatomy is designed to teach human anatomy to students of the health professions, including undergraduate medical,... see more

This is a commercial site for Lantronix products. However, it offers a number of tutorials for learning about networking.... see more

This is a tutorial about Newton's Laws.  The following topics are included: Lesson 1 - Newton's First Law of Motion... see more

Of Microbes and Men by John Arthur Harrison, Ph.D.

This is a companion site to a NOVA program on heart surgery. The site contains pages on the pioneers of heart surgery,... see more

This site is a companion to the NOVA program "Electric Heart." It contains a Map of the Human Heart showing the action of... see more

This is a module from the Supersite, "DNA From the Beginning." This learning object focuses on DNA and proteins as key... see more