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This is chapter 5 (Histology) lecture notes using Saladin's Human Anatomy and Physiology textbook (6th edition).

A review/study guide for the chapter 10 (The Muscular System).

A lecture note over the chapter of Blood

A lecture note over chapter 19 (Heart) using Saladin's anaotmy and physiology (6th edition)

A lecture note over chapter 20 (Blood Vessels) using Saladin's A/P textbook

A lecture note over chapter 21 (Immune system)

A lecture note over chapter 22 (Respiratory system)

A lecture note over Chapter 23 (Urinary system)

A lecture note over chapter 25 (Digestive system)

A lecture note over chapter 27 (Male Reproductive System)

Shows a quick introduction the the thyroid gland and how this gland works with the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus... see more

This lesson introduces the basic forms of pathogens and how our bodies prevent and fight infection from them. It goes... see more

This short, animated lecture covers the basic anatomy of the cranial and spinal nerves, followed by a 5-question... see more

Students apply a solution to the heart by clicking the button "Add Solution" (agonists and antagonists). They can note... see more

This site presents an enormous amount of information related to the biology of cytokines. The material can be accessed... see more

This site allows one to simulate a brain surgery. During the virtual brain surgery, the neurosurgeon explains the duty of... see more

This is a health oriented site that also provides basic anatomy and physiology information on the digestive system. It... see more

The Digital Commons Network: Life Sciences Commons contains 131,300+ Open Access full-text articles pertaining to Life... see more

This app is designed to provide an interactive method for studying Ohm’s law as it applies to the properties of blood... see more

his site supports the second semester of an Anatomy and Physiology course taught by Dr. Ross at Christian Brothers... see more

Lecture note over chapter 1 (Introdcution) using Maurice Goodman's Endocrinology (4th edition)

A lecture note (chapter 2 pituitary gland) using Maurice Goodman's Basic Medicle Endocrinology (4th edition)

A lecture note (Chapter 3 Thyroid Gland) using Maurice Goodman's Basic Medical Endocrinology (4th Edition)