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Animated language games in a wide variety of languages, including many less-commonly taught. The animated activities are... see more

"If you’ve ever tried to learn a second language, you know that it’s never a bad thing to have many ways to try to learn.... see more

This is a game that asks for the equation of the line that connects a bird to its nest. It has two levels: the first... see more

Using poverty rate as a measure of development, students select countries five at a time to compare how resources are... see more

Activites to help sales professionals effectively gather information during the initial stages of the sales process... see more

Web assignment is based on a Shockwave simulation by The Article 19 Group. User is asked basic questions about energy... see more

Web assignment on electric potential using an applet by Wolfgang Christian. User practices understanding the relationship... see more

Web assignment on electric potential using an applet by Wolfgang Christian. User practices understanding the relationship... see more

A 15 module online adult education program on emotional intelligence development, based on Dr. Reuven BarOn's Emotional... see more

'Find, store, create and share from anywhere with EndNote® - the most powerful research productivity tool on the market.... see more

In the section "Enfants nomades" of the French instructional website "Vivre en Aquitaine", French speaking children and ... see more

The Engineering Graphics Tutorials and Lecture Presentations by Stephen W. Crown, Ph.D. provides students with quality... see more

A list of medical terms in Spanish with sound bytes and pronounciation guides.

This lesson assumes a background understanding of the basic parameters for an exponential function and gives students an... see more

A collection of interactive games and information links regarding particle physics.

'The rigors and demands of our increasingly complex, technologically dependent society have made high student achievement... see more

'The app designed specifically for presenters, teachers and lawyers, giving the ability to create presentations ‘on the... see more

A free series of interactive widgets that can be used in the classroom.  Many of the applications are games that can be... see more

An online language laboratory : complete pronunciation guides with native speaker sounds and accents. Click on two or... see more

This is a stand alone lesson to introduce students to fractions.  Students will learn about fractions and then they will... see more

'FxIntegrator is a mathematical tool that evaluates the area under a function curve for a given interval.  It's extremely... see more

"Punflay’s Mathomatix series is back! Kindergarteners will enjoy learning about basic geometrical shapes such as... see more

The material found in this link is a lesson on how to use Geometer's Sketchpad to teach Triangle Sum Theorem, Exterior... see more

Review and quizzes of bodily functions, systems, and anatomy.  Good for studying specific parts of anatomy.