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This reference provides instructions on how to write scientific reports. Topics include why we write reports, the basic... see more

Background: Acetogenic bacteria are able to use CO2 as terminal electron acceptor of an anaerobic respiration, thereby... see more

Advancing Science and Serving Society website helps provide resources in the field of science as well as provide some... see more

Lots of information, lots of links. You'll need time to explore this one.

These science bulletins from the American Museum of Natural History feature news on space science, astronomy, and... see more

Atmospheric Pressure Demos and explanation of what atmospheric pressure is and how to assess it.  

Research article on five myths of girls participation in science and technology programs. The National Science... see more

BASE is one of world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic web resources. BASE provides more than 110... see more

The linked document is a power point that is saved to execute in kiosk mode.  The document is a Ohm's law learning... see more

The learning objective of this web site is for children to learn about bats and their habitats around the world. Many... see more

Fall 2016 Scientific Methods Course 353L- Science Final Portfolio, Marie Menard

This is an introductory tutorial on Matuarana and Varela's work prepared by Dr. Randall Whitaker. It is in two parts.

A collection of short "movies" covering various topics across the curriculum.  Tim and Moby lighten up the mood for... see more

Esse objeto de aprendizagem é usado no ensino de química.

Explore Science is a great website from California Academy of Sciences which provide teachers and educators with a... see more

Since the 1960’s, the California Geological Survey (CGS) has produced numerous maps that show landslide features and... see more

This site offers an extensive, interactive way to learn about space probes.  Specifically, it details the Cassini-Huygens... see more

Students will organize notes to prepare to write one of the following types of nonfiction for their final piece:... see more

This tutorial explains how to use MS Word most effectively to create a “References” or “Works Cited” page, focusing on... see more

This site introduces computational science with a brief overview which distinguishes computational science ("use... see more

This is a free book from BookBoon. The book draws on history and philosophy of science, there being for example a... see more

Interactive resource that teaches students about infra-red light.  

Quick, cool facts about random science topics

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute developed this site to teach kids cool information about Science. The web site is... see more