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Cerebellum Dissection Video 3 by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience and FCM-III Neurology in... see more

Video recorded by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience in Medical University of the Americas,... see more

Lecture on CN 2 Visual System first part, delivered by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience... see more

Second Part video of Non-BBB, Circumventricular Organs, by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of... see more

This video was created inMedicalUniversityof theAmericasin May 2011 by Med 3 Neuroscience students of Summer 2011 batch.... see more

'Think you know everything neuro? Push your mind to the limit and bring out your inner brainiac in this quiz with 90... see more

An analysis of trial results reveals the mechanism through which the cancer drug nilotinib increases brain dopamine in... see more

A Sport Concussion Analysis tool for use by coaches, parents and healthcare providers to evaluate injured athletes for... see more

This is the first book-length exploration of the thoughts and experiences expressed by dementia patients in published... see more

This Research Topic is cross-listed in Frontiers in Neurorobotics Active touch can be described as the control of the... see more

The brain of each animal shows specific traits that reflect its phylogenetic history and its particular lifestyle.... see more

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a category of pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) that affect 1 in 150 children,... see more

'Tune your Brain Waves with the best real-time binaural beat generator for the iPhone! Now available to you for FREE... see more

Animated PowerPoint show of a patient case with a stroke in the motor system showing clinical presentation and underlying... see more

'A clinical-decision making tool, Multiple Sclerosis @Point of Care provides a streamlined, mobile reference tool for... see more

This open access book presents the roles and mechanisms of signal transduction triggered by nicotinic acetylcholine... see more

This module provides education about the NIH Stroke Scale that healthcare providers (HCP) or nurses use to evaluate the... see more

'Parkinson's Disease @Point of Care™ is a clinical support platform that provides comprehensive information on the... see more

Animated PowerPoint show of primary motor and sensory tracts with lesions.

What does it mean to say that someone is autistic? Towards an Ethics of Autism is an exploration of this question and... see more

An Inside UCI Lecture recorded on August 17, 2011 delivered by Dr. Alyssa Brewer. Dr. Alyssa Brewer discusses her cutting... see more

The National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) measures deficits caused by a stroke, but not all stroke signs are... see more