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This web resource is a great supplement when teaching evolution.  It has lots of multimedia content, like videos,... see more

This overview and information is for health care professionals and students to understand and value the upcoming... see more

This OpenCourseWare project has pdfs of the lecture notes for the Fall '04 version (7.03) of MIT's Genetics course. This... see more

This is an audio lecture on the nervous system. Students are shown various slides with detailed explanations.

'A summary of the photosynthesis process, including light or dependent reactions and dark, Calvin cycle, or independent... see more

A complete lab course is provided within this Website for Plant Taxonomy Instructors and Students. Laboratory exercises... see more

A powerpoint presentation for teaching bioinformatics.

This is a learning material about ventricular arrhytmias

The material provides a series of short video lectures to cover different topics on discrete mathematics.

This site presents material which help in the design of web pages which look good. Style sheets, color other html... see more

This site is about a machine invented by Henri Maillardet around 1800. The machine is now in the Franklin Institute in... see more

           The World Health Organization recently released ten facts on nutrition which apply to people worldwide.... see more

"The Texas Tech Medcast is a podcast for medical residents, medical students, practicing physicians, and others involved... see more

"The Texas Tech Medcast is a podcast for medical residents, medical students, practicing physicians, and others involved... see more

2d DaisyWorld is the classic model, demonstrating homeostasis via ecosystem feedback loops (daisy albedo). DaisyWorld was... see more

This video was recorded at 3rd International Workshop on Machine Learning in Systems Biology (MLSB), Ljubljana 2009.... see more

"This video stresses the importance of installing Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS), as well as wearing seat belts... see more

This is a link to a video by the Cancer Research Institute of New York. The description is as follows: "A Vaccine for... see more

Photos of flora and fauna found in the Okefenokee Swamp Park near Waycross, Georgia, and in the Okefenokee National... see more

Should A+ Certification Exam candidates use brain dump sites? My answer, might surprise you. This is part of Mr. Ford's... see more

This video was recorded at MIT Industrial Liaison Program. In this wide-ranging discussion, panelists seized on... see more

Physicists study matter by causing particles, accelerated to high energy, to collide with each other. In the high energy... see more

This module was the second place winner of the 2013 SoftChalk Learning Challenge. 'Using scalable vector graphics... see more

Describes the makeup of an ALU