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In virtually every industry and every firm, information technology is driving change, creating opportunities and... see more

15.567 The Economics of Information provides an analysis of the underlying economics of information with management... see more

This course provides concepts and frameworks for understanding the potential impact of information technology (IT) on... see more

Business organizations and markets use a bewildering variety of structures to coordinate the productive activities of... see more

Diversity begets creativity—in this seminar we tap the amazing power of swarm creativity on the Web by studying and... see more

Many books and thousands of papers cover the field of system dynamics. With all of these resources available, it can be... see more

מידע על שירות לקוחות מקוון דרך האינטרנט: מענה אוטומטי, מערכת שאלות ותשובות שכיחות, צ'אט ופורום מקוון ואתרי תמיכה.