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Online discussions are an integral part of distance education courses. They provide a means for interaction among... see more

This study uses social network analysis to examine the patterns of student interactions in online peer mentoring sites... see more

The Statistical Online Computational Resource (SOCR) designs web-based tools for educational use in a variety of... see more

This paper attempts to identify and establish spontaneous group decision making in collaborative learning as a new... see more

Asynchronous discussions are often utilized in online courses to provide a venue for students to openly communicate and... see more

To understand better the challenges of implementing online learning in developing countries, the authors studied two... see more

Abstract: There is a growing interest among educators in exploring multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs) such as Second... see more

The interaction among demographic variables and motivation orientation were compared in students interested in completing... see more

Abstract: Much current research exalts the benefits of having students facilitate weekly discussions in asynchronous... see more

This paper presents data from a two-semester study of the effects of distance learning on student achievements as well as... see more

Abstract: Utilizing Wang and Chen's notion of online learning spaces, this study examined student perceptions of a hybrid... see more

Universities are increasingly experimenting with the online domain to connect with busy and digital-savvy students and... see more

Presence - or having a sense of active participation - in distance education has increased with the expanding use of and... see more

The rise in online education, coupled with research suggesting the influence of instructor-learner interaction and... see more

Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate differences in online and face-to-face (F2F) student performance.... see more

Online learning has become a critical concern in higher education. The purpose of this study was to assess the... see more

The explosion in the number of students taking online courses warrants a deeper understanding of instructor strategies... see more

This exploratory study examined students' views of hybrid learning in an undergraduate Ecology course, which incorporated... see more

With the growth of online learning doubling over the last several years, learning delivery methods are continually being... see more

This paper examines institutional practice regarding integration of mobile technologies into electronic teaching that has... see more

The Course Improvement Matrix was designed to provide a structured approach for online instructors – critical but... see more

Many past studies of computer self efficacy (CSE) have emphasized the impact of psychogenic factors on the users' CSE,... see more

In this paper, the authors report on how students' perception of course material in terms of importance, utility, and... see more