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Stories, essays, letters, poems, biographies, journals and tidbits from Wisconsin history. Many first hand accounts -... see more

Unless action is taken now, much of mankind’s documentary heritage may vanish - discarded as no longer of relevance or... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: The Legatum Pericles Lecture Series. After centuries of insufferable... see more

This class is divided into a series of sections or "modules", each of which concentrates on a particular large... see more

This number of Yeats Annual collects the essays resulting from the University College Cork/ESB International Annual W. B.... see more

"Learn about ancient historical buildings like the Taj Mahal, Pantheon, Petra and more. Fifty famous buildings have been... see more

This video was recorded at Islam and the West @ Carnegie Council. The real key to bringing economic and political change... see more

This University of Arizona web site documents the story of Fred Harvey (1835-1901) who began a partnership with the... see more

Alpha index of genealogy topics that link to pages on those topics. Topic pages offer list of links/web sites that NC/SC... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series - Starr Forum. "I've drunk kava in the South Pacific and rubbed noses with... see more

This video was recorded at Islam and the West @ Carnegie Council. Requiring headscarves may be religious oppression of... see more

This video was recorded at 48. seminar slovenskega jezika, literature in kulture: Ideologije v slovenskem jeziku,... see more

This collection contains over 7,000 files on ships that sailed since 1679 and some that sail on the Great Lakes today.... see more

H-German is a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine. It is a daily Internet discussion forum focused on... see more

崑山科技大學核心通識課程 - 歷史與文化

The history of economic thought represents a wide diversity of theories within the discipline, but all economists address... see more

This collection presents writings about scientific research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and unique or valuable... see more

The History of Wisconsin Agriculture and Rural Life collection is based on a bibliography compiled as part of the... see more

'HistoryTools is an app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that lists all the famous and infamous people who were born... see more

This video was recorded at Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije predstavlja cikel predavanj 2012 - Ljubljana. Idrija in Almadén... see more

From the mid-sixteenth to the mid-nineteenth century Russia was transformed from a moderate-sized, land-locked... see more

This chronological study of the evolution of the works of George Orwell is helpful for the futurist, the citizen awash in... see more

This is a free online course offered by UC Berkeley.  Each of the 26 lectures can be downloaded from iTunes.