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El Easy8 es un computador didáctico pensado para una primera toma de contacto con la programación en ensamblador. El... see more

El Easy8 es un computador didáctico que incluye una CPU simple de 8 bits que permite comprender el funcionamiento de la... see more

El simulador permite obtener velocidades angulares y tangenciales variando frecuencia y radio.

This article describes an exploratory study of communication, collaboration, confidence, learning opportunity, and error... see more

This is a simulation of a spin model (a so-called Z(N) model) written in Java. The degrees of freedom of the system are... see more

This article provides information regarding the imperative education nursing simulation labs provide student nurses... see more

This worksheet implements an SIR (Susceptible/ Infected/ Resistant) model of epidemiology for vector-borne diseases. Up... see more

Se muestra el comportamiento de un sistema formado por un reactor de mezcla completa y una membrana separadora en el que... see more

Um requisito básico para estudar o Cosmos é determinar onde e como as coisas estão. Utilize as Esferas Celestes e... see more

This is a 3D solar system simulation application, which gives you the approximate location of the planets in the solar... see more

Ejemplos de Sistemas Lineales Causales

Comprobación de Sistemas Lineales Invariantes

Ejemplos de sistemas lineales y no lineales

In this hands-on activity, students learn about the different realms of the Universe and explore their sizes and relative... see more

In this quick activity about predicting (located on page 2 of the PDF), learners working alone or in groups will use... see more

SkIO is a multidisciplinary research institution within the University System of Georgia and is located on a 700 acre... see more

SkIO is a multidisciplinary research institution within the University System of Georgia and is located on a 700 acre... see more

SkillStat helps healthcare professionals develop rock solid emergency medical skills. Free Online Tools! ECG, ACLS, PALS,... see more

Students design and build their own parachutes in this hands-on engineering project. Using the engineering design... see more

Through a series of simple body movements, learners gain insight into the relationship between time and astronomical... see more

A virtual observatory, SkyView generates "images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from Radio to... see more

The "Sleuron virus module" focuses on learning, practicing, and the ability to get better at things. Among the concepts... see more

This resource contains several mini-explorations using a slide projector as a light source to investigate light and the... see more

The Slinky and Wave exercise is an interactive lecture that explains how to use a Slinky to demonstrate motion of P- and... see more