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     This site contains thousands of flash cards for nursing students.  These will help test your general nursing... see more

In this free Prezi tutorial, learn how to create unique presentations using this free PowerPoint alternative.

'Trigonometry And Geometry Calculator contains 13 Modules: Geometry, The Right Triangular Shapes, 30/60 Degrees... see more

Online German interactive learning: vocabulary practice,culture, reading, listening, grammar, busines, activities, and... see more

This is a short turorial that teaches the basics of using Blogger.

'The Grammar App uses a new approach - that of an Interactive Book with an easy to learn format and a simple step by step... see more

Student-authored multimedia tutorials, which cover study skills (e.g., time management, note-taking, textbook reading,... see more

This is an excellent cite on studies of Egypt and is a great resource for both teachers and students. Information and... see more

Each of these lessons has a limited purpose. Beginning students need a foundation in the basics of Physical Guitar before... see more

This site is devoted to all content areas and is aimed at high school students. It is an invaluable reasource that can... see more

This lesson received an honorable mention from the 2009 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'What does ancient Greece have to do... see more

Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitr after the month of Ramadan.

This STAIR Powerpoint in Kiosk mode provides detailed information about 2 types of eBooks available from the elementary... see more

Video tutorial on How to attribute Creative Commons licenses to images using the Xpert tool. Duration 02:43.

Provided here are recommendations for learning a foreign language.

student strategies for passing a multiple choice exam

This article will teach you how to throw a football A) Place hand on ball with index finger closest to the tip of the... see more

This is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR) for teacher of grades 6-12 on how to use twitter in the classroom.... see more

This manual provides an overview of the design and expected delivery of the new programme. The key focus of the ACE... see more