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3D interactive model of Sulfurous Acid H_SO_ for demonstrating molecular geometry, vibrations, symmetry and orbitals.

This interactive applet displays the positions of sun and moon on the horizon for any date, time and location, and on an... see more

The Sun-Earth Viewer is an experimental Flash-based viewer that allows visitors to zoom and pan live NASA solar and Earth... see more

Permite que os alunos testem seus conhecimentos sobre primeiros socorros.

In this physical sciences activity, learners use science to solve a "crime." Learners collect trace evidence (glitter)... see more

Using a computer model of a bouncing ball, students are introduced to the idea of computer modeling, its limitations, and... see more

La aplicación desarrolla la ecuación general de superficies adicionales y la resuelve para el caso de aletas de sección... see more

'Supernova is an animated real time visualizer of exploding stars and nebulae. - Watch stellar visuals in deep space as... see more

This toolkit includes Power Points, scripts, videos and accompanying activities and handouts. Toolkit includes: SUPERNOVA... see more

3D interactive model of Superoxide Ion O___ for demonstrating molecular geometry, vibrations, symmetry and orbitals.

The Superposition states and mixed states simulation allows students to use a Stern-Gerlach apparatus that can be... see more

Altere parâmetros como comprimento de onda e período, aproxime ou afaste as ondas para melhor visualizar o fenômeno de... see more

In this demonstration, learners discover that nanoparticles behave differently, in part because they have a high surface... see more

This interactive map allows the user to explore projected alterations of land surfaces in coastal communities, based on... see more

'Suspension is a physic simulation of particles dispersed in a fluid. It benefits from a simulation engine similar to the... see more

In this activity, learners investigate the food, water, and space needs of common livestock animals. Using math and... see more

Wave movement is explored using a metal tray of prepared gelatin, dominoes, sugar cubes, plastic wrap and a rubber... see more

In this (edible) activity, learners balance chemical equations using different kinds and colors of candy that represent... see more

In this outdoor activity, learners review the parts of the synapse and their functions by playing a game. The object of... see more

In this video lab manual, by the Interdisciplinary Education Group of the University of Wisconsin ��_�__ Madison... see more

This series of videos, presented by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the University of... see more

Sintetiza líneas microstrip simétricas acopladas

Realiza la síntesis de una línea microstrip calculando la relación de aspecto (W/H) para un sustrato e impedancias dadas.

Shows parse tree as it is being constructed and state in parse table.