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Seasoned and novice business reporters will enjoy learning about the existence of the website.... see more

A free online simulation that demonstrated the bull-whip effect, and the complexities of supply chain management,... see more

eBeer is an online variation on the classic "Beer Game" developed at MIT. Students experience the bullwhip effect by... see more

' TheĀ  organizational simulation borrows from the work of Barry Oshry, and mirrors many of the design elements and... see more

Interactive site that illustrates the classic prisoner's dilemma negotiation strategy. Gaming behavior.

(Please note that there is a $20 per student charge to participate in this simulation). The Supply Chain Game is an... see more

How much should one offer for a company with uncertain value? This game demonstrates that to be successful, one has to... see more

This simple online interactive simulation game introduces participants to six workplace behaviors that can be difficult... see more

A simple class exercise to demonstrate differential power and the conflict that can result from perceptions of inequity.

This site contains links to over 600 intelligence-related Internet sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to... see more

PLEASE NOTE: This is a simulation that is for sale to users. This simple simulation is set in the context of the mobile... see more

Class exercise (individual or team) illustrating new product development risks. Nice user interface and engaging level of... see more

This site contains links to free shareware that can be used in a manufacturing class. The tools are for Manufacturing... see more

PLEASE NOTE: This is a simulation that is available for sale. This stand-alone simulation focuses on balancing the... see more

This stand-alone simulation address issues that are typical to fast moving consumer goods product launches; e.g., whether... see more

Brint Institute, an information management firm, offers this large collection of free resources for business, technology,... see more

The LINKS Enterprise Management Simulation is a team-based, competitive strategy simulaiton designed for course... see more

PLEASE NOTE: This is a simulation that is for sale. MyStrategy(TM) strategy mapping and simulation software lets you... see more

PLEASE NOTE: This is a simulation that must be purchased. This stand-alone business simulation addresses the issues of a... see more