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The Puerto Rico Online Encyclopedia (PROE) is an educational project of the Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades... see more

Archaeologists and historians rediscover a famous nineteenth-century New York neighborhood, the Five Points... see more

Hidden Lives Revealed focuses on the period 1881-1918, and includes unique archive material about poor and disadvantaged... see more

According to the site's homepage, "Historic Pittsburgh is a comprehensive collection of local resources that supports... see more

This University of Arizona web exhibit traces the history of the railway in the region. In the late nineteenth century,... see more

As of 2005, there are 1384 issues of the Richmond Daily Dispatch available dated between November 1860 and December... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle.  Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

The Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library at UNC (Chapel Hill) is presenting 1 document per day that is 150... see more

"Using primary sources from a variety of newspapers, periodicals, and other documentary materials, this projects provides... see more

אסופת דפי מידע, תמונות וסרטונים בנושא תקופת המלוכה במקרא.

The Spanish Years, 1767-1821 This exhibit was created by the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson, Arizona. This... see more

Designed for gymnasium students, this German site on various aspects of early 19th century social history provides an... see more

This digital collection presents primary sources from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries and the Wisconsin... see more

The Museum of Musical Instruments ( presents the world's first virtual documentary exhibition devoted to... see more

This University of Arizona exhibit focuses on the Southwestern United States as is an exhibit created as part of the... see more

This University of Arizona web site documents the story of Fred Harvey (1835-1901) who began a partnership with the... see more

From the mid-sixteenth to the mid-nineteenth century Russia was transformed from a moderate-sized, land-locked... see more

In 1911 Vasily Kandinsky published the first edition of ‘On the Spiritual in Art’, a landmark modernist treatise in which... see more

"Still Casting Shadows: A Shared Mosaic of U.S. History" breaks with tradition by presenting a holistic (rather than a... see more

The site uses scanned images to introduce the main historical actors in a book called The Anatomy of Murders by Lisa... see more

אסופת מפות מלווה את הספר "מסע אל העבר: המאה העשרים - בזכות החירות", המיועד לכיתות ט'. בין המפות: אימפריאליזם... see more

אסופת מפות המלווה את הספר "מסעות בזמן: לאומיות במבחן", המיועדת לחטיבה העליונה. בין המפות: תהליך איחודן של גרמניה ואיטליה,... see more

אטלס היסטורי המציע מבחר מפות המותאמות לספרי הלימוד של מט"ח בהיסטוריה כללית ובהיסטוריה של עם ישראל. המפות מחולקות על-פי... see more