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Magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) has gained extensive attention due to its catalytic and optoelectronic properties. The present... see more

Barium oxide (BaO) and zinc sulfide (ZnS) are well known for their applications in electrical, optical and chemical... see more

Indium has gained significant attention in the semiconductor industries due to its unique thermal and optical properties.... see more

Stainless steel (SS) has gained extensive attention due to its high corrosion resistance, low maintenance, familiar... see more

This article in Popular Mechanics is about Ron Schroer's Boneshaker Bigwheel superficially resembles the kind of... see more

It is important to reach back to origins, for a sense of the pure intent of advocates, to establish baselines prior to... see more

Over one hundred years ago, the departmentalization by institutions of higher education validated the movement to make... see more

Young women today, given the opportunity to do so, are still not taking technology education courses in great numbers.... see more

The government of Finland has begun planning a new national curriculum framework for the comprehensive and upper... see more

Education reform has focused increasingly on critical thinking processes, including problem solving and student... see more

A school that adopts a curriculum, that aims for a holistic understanding of technology, does so because it produces a... see more

ChemRxiv (pronounced "chem archive") is a free online submission, distribution, and archival service for unpublished... see more

Content, which focuses upon conceptual structure, and process, which focuses upon intellectual skills, are two preeminent... see more

The role of Design and Technology in schools in England is changing. These changes were heralded by the Government Green... see more

Though the traditional "industrial arts" programs of the 1950s which involved woodworking, metalworking, and other "shop"... see more

The terms "technical" and "technology" are widely used by educators, workplace practitioners, and the general public.... see more

This article seeks to open this dialogue by questioning the role of technology teacher preparation programs that are... see more

The Digital Commons Network: [Open Access] Architecture Commons provides you with 11,600+ Open Access full-text articles... see more

This article is a revised version of a talk the author gave 4 October during the 1998 National Academy of Engineering... see more

Next to atoms and molecules the powders are the smallest state of matter available in high purities and large quantities.... see more

In the quest to improve public schools, an education in basic technological concepts and systems, or "technological... see more

Making goods evolved over several centuries from craft production to complex and highly automated manufacturing... see more

In 1999, my study of "Cross-Gender Interactions in Technology Education" was published in the Journal of Technology... see more

Unusual for the philosophy of education, this paper takes Martin Heidegger's essay of 1954 The Question Concerning... see more