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This demonstration allows you to test yourself in the change-blindness paradigm. Your task is to find the change between... see more

A discussion of what is meant by "understanding" using a simulation of the "Monty Hall" or "Three Doors" problem to... see more

"The Art of Crime Detection" is an interactive Web activity consisting of an introductory animation, two crime-solving... see more

"Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions,... see more

Marbles bounce down an array of pegs. The resulting binomial distribution is displayed graphically in real time. A... see more

Excellent information and simulations related to Cochlear fluids

Cogtest, Inc., "provides cognitive testing services to the pharmaceutical industry, and Psychmed, Inc., which provides... see more

Neurons transfer information by releasing neurotransmitters across the synapse or space between neurons. Students model... see more

Want some data that look a certain way or have certain stats, but don't have the time to look for a suitable data set or... see more

Social Perception: There are several interesting eye tricks with easy explanations that make sence.

Describe who did what to whom, and the program shows their facial expressions and reports how they might respond with... see more

Demonstration of Phi Phenomena.

Watch as a stick is inserted into a Necker Cube from a variety of directions.

Informatin on Bipolar disorder. Treatments and Alternative treatments. Links to sites with more information.

Understand how learning and automated processes affect your ability to read. Learn about the Word Superiority Effect, how... see more

Kristoffer Magnusson's blog includes visualization of r and r squared, Power, and Cohen's d.  These visualizations allow... see more

Part of a larger website: Internet Psychology Lab. A demonstration of signal detection therory.

Guiding Principles: "SoL North America allows people to come together to share their experiences and improve both their... see more

Answer questions about the behavior and values of group members and see the group's structure.

Interactive site that illustrates the classic prisoner's dilemma negotiation strategy. Gaming behavior.

Among the most significant intellectual developments of the twentieth century is the increasing recognition that all... see more

The Stencil Stacking task measures the metacognitive behaviour of attending to errors. Register a username through the... see more

This is one of a collection of sub-sites in the mega site "Internet Psych Lab." It includes several different sites, each... see more