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Students will explore the pulmonary system including issues related to obstructed breathing and air pollutants.

Part of a larger website: Internet Psychology Lab. A demonstration of signal detection therory.

This website describes the Stroop visual perception test and has a sample test to try out.  Since the Stroop test has... see more

Simulation of a human body that may be altered to show different anatomical parts.   

This is a free download software through CBS Interactive.   Simple interface, 3D manipulations.  

We need several thousands of different proteins in our body. It is the genetic material, the DNA, in our cells that... see more

This is a Collection of sites withing the mega-site "Internet Psych Lab." The various sites demonstrate different... see more

This test includes watching a video with questions afterward about what you saw or did not see in the video.  Very... see more

'MACSUG (Manual Audiometer Computer Simulator User Gizmo) is a simulated audiometer interface that provides hearing... see more