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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are technologies which have the potential to transform the way we work,... see more

Alison offers 400 free interactive, multimedia, online courses to help you explore and discover new learning... see more

The Author's Alliance and Creative Commons have created the "Termination of Transfer" (ToT) tool that helps authors... see more

Guide to help teachers understand the concept of the flipped classroom. This is one of many guides to explain technology... see more

Learn today how to become more tech savvy by watching's videos about cloud-based video curation. Click on... see more

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Guía sobre uso de Merlot

This Powerpoint was prepared as a result of an Internet Safety Student study done in a mid-western middle school. The... see more

K-12 Educational videos designed and developed by students, educators, and schools to showcase their digital media... see more

The Brazilian Open Educational Resources (OER) Project lists available OER resources in Portuguese, such as catalogues,... see more

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A unique initiative was developed in 2008-2012 at a Teachers' College for all its teachers, training them for intelligent... see more

  A unique initiative was developed at a Teachers' College for all its teachers, training them for intelligent use of the... see more

——————————————————————————————... see more

A look into theory and model when designing a course.  Using the Level of Processing Theory and Merrill's First... see more

Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development (DS4OER) is a hands on course where you learn and demonstrate your... see more

The educational programs and activities relate to the variance within the student population, the needs of teachers in... see more

  EDUCACIÓN EN LA UTPL La Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja UTPL1 , es una institución dedicada  a la Educación... see more

In this volume, Martin Weller examines four key areas that have been central to the developments within open education:... see more

עם כניסתה של הרשת החברתית כמעט לכל בית, הולך וגובר השימוש הפוגעני בה בקרב בני נוער. חלק מהם עברו חוויה לא קלה של הטרדות... see more

משרד החינוך העלה חומר עזר העוסק בהסבר כיצד להסיר סרטון לא הולם מהאתר יו טיוב , בעזרת הפיתוח של גוגל .

סדנא למורים העוסקת במורכבות העולה מחיבור בין שלושה עולמות של תוכן: הרשת, הפגיעה המינית וקבוצת השווים. מטרת הסדנא לבחון... see more

סביבת למידה העוסקת באתיקה וכללי התנהלות במרחב מקוון משותף של ויקיפדיה, מערכי שיעור, סרטונים ביו טיוב, כללי כתיבה והתנהגות... see more