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This textbook introduces the idea of lifespan development from a psychological perspective. Table of Contents Chapter 1:... see more

This is an Introductory Writing Course developed through the Ohio Department of Higher Education OER Innovation Grant.... see more

This is a linear algebra course developed by OhioLink. The topics include:  Topic 1 -  Basic Vector Proficiency  Topic 2... see more

This is an Introductory American Government course developed through the Ohio Department of Higher Education OER... see more

This is an Introductory Sociology Course developed through the Ohio Department of Higher Education OER Innovation Grant.... see more

Statistics deals with collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting data for the purpose of making informed... see more

This guide provides information and resources on introducing the field of psychology as a science in an Introduction to... see more

Although classified as a course, this could also be used as a textbook. The Portland Community College Health Studies... see more

This book is about fundamental concepts that any chemistry student should not only be aware of but proficient at. This... see more

This is a fresh innovative diversion from traditional ‘how-to-do it’ books dealing with stress and time. Aimed at today’s... see more

This book is an introduction to basic mathematics and is intended for students who need to reach the minimum level of... see more

PreService Teacher Candidate Training on the Tennessee Academic Standards for Mathematics in Grades K-5 a free online... see more

To say that financial institutions play a significant role in the financial system and the economy is a huge... see more

Regulatory Framework for Financial Institutions – a Zambian Perspective introduces, illustrates, and discusses the many... see more

This book is the last of seven books which introduces the basic principles of accounting. In this book you will learn... see more

If you are ready to start a new business or launch a new product, you need this book. Although most entrepreneurs work... see more

The book is a journey through human progress focusing on the construct of psychologically safe workplaces which has... see more

This study guide is designed to give a coherent view of the underlying principles quality management, and how these... see more

A good manager needs to master three roles: being manager, leader and coach. You need to constantly perform in all three... see more

The world of higher education is undergoing profound and rapid changes. These changes are forcing our educational systems... see more

This textbook introduces the reader to the different approaches and schools within strategic thinking as well as the... see more

The textbook is addressed to students of applied geosciences and petroleum engineering. Subjects are the fundamental... see more

The explosive growth in the adoption of electronic devices by the general population (computers in various forms,... see more

This is the first part of the two-part book on ‘Duty of Care’. It contains an implementation approach of seven-steps, the... see more