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An introductory coverage of algorithms and data structures with application to graphics and geometry.

Após o vídeo sobre racionalização de arquivos e tabelas de banco de dados vamos avançar um pouco mais. A próxima etapa é... see more

Lecture describing Breadth First Search

This video illustrates Bubblesort with Hungarian Folk Dancers.

Computational Fairy Tales includes over 70 stories that cover a range of different computer science concepts from... see more

The best way to understand complex data structures is to see them in action. We've developed interactive animations for a... see more

This book describes many techniques for representing data. These techniques are presented within the context of the... see more

Lecture describing Depth First Search

Lecture describing Depth First Search

YouTube video with animation of Insertionsort.

It is an encryption method that uses substitution with bit stream encoding. It is able encrypt and decrypt with low and... see more

This video illustrates Mergesort with Transylvanian-saxon Folk Dancers.

Peer J Computer Science is the new open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal covering all subject areas of computer... see more

This video illustrates Quicksort with Hungarian Folk Dancers.

YouTube video with animation of Selectsort.

YouTube video with animation of Shellsort.

This video illustrates how several simple sorting algorithms operate, using people as the objects to be sorted.

A self-contained, research-oriented course aimed at undergraduate students. The course's focus is on theoretical aspects... see more