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'Math Puppy will take you on an journey of arithmetic fun like never before! From toddlers to grade school, From Babies... see more

"Introduce your child to the wonderful world of Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs come to life with this interactive application.... see more

"On the way home from the ice cream store, little Jimmy discovers a mad scientist’s wonderland: an experimental... see more

'With dozens of Storybook Themes and pre-drawn Pages to get you started -- plus *hundreds* of fun, colorful characters to... see more

'This revolutionary app provides a fun and engaging way to practice math facts, number sense, and mental math skills.... see more

"This Application enables you to solve Division problems step by step, just as you would do it on a sheet of paper. Being... see more

"Simple version of popular Tangram designed with kids in mind. Avoids unnecessary design and decoration to keep kids... see more

"For teachers, this app is perfect to help your students understand how a unit circle works. With now VGA support!... see more

'Barnes & Noble introduces the largest –- and growing –- collection of children’s digital picture and chapter books.... see more

"BRIEF INTRODUCTION: ------------------------------------- AppleTreeBooks™ has been inviting some of the best... see more

'Create an electronic storybook. Make use of the little gaps in life - on the sofa after dinner, in the back seat of the... see more

"This app provides a quick and simple way for students to learn and understand fractions step-by-step. They will be... see more

"This game is an adaptation for kids of the famous Tangram game. Rules have been simplified (no rotation needed at all)... see more

"Throw on your diving helmet, and head into the depths of the sea! Dive off the coast of Maine for lobster traps - you... see more

"So you're asking, what is BIOLOGY? Well... Here's our best definition. Biology is the study of LIFE and the changes that... see more

"Analogy questions are often asked in gifted and talented programs. Our newest creation "Analogy" app (to challenge young... see more

'Demibooks® Composer is the world’s first iPad-based authoring software for creating interactive books. If you’re an... see more

"Rye Studio’s main focus is on developing teaching methods for children, mainly through audio Books and interesting... see more

'Many children today struggle with mathematics while other children want greater challenges. DragonBox is a revolutionary... see more

'Ansel & Clair series (winner of 15 awards) launches second app in its dinosaur trilogy, Ansel and Clair: Jurassic... see more

' How about having a math tutor with you anytime, anywhere? Using HMH Math On the Spot, you can choose from hundreds of... see more

'Create relaxing ripples while you enjoy the sounds of nature. Interact with the fish - scare them, feed them, and watch... see more

'OPTIMIZED FOR iPHONE 4! High-definition graphics that fully utilize the iPhone 4 Retina display & gyroscope support for... see more

'Are you feeling delighted? Astonished? Anxious? “Feel Electric!” explores all these emotions and more! Part of the... see more