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'Complete Chemistry focuses on students learning chemistry. The app covers tutorials, solver, quiz, formulas and... see more

'Learning chemistry has never been so fun! Play among three game models: Quiz - The hardest quiz you ever played! Unless... see more

'Easy access to info about chemicals, elements and fundamental constants, as well as calculations for preparing... see more

'Love chemisty? There you go! A 2048 out of periodic table! Combine elements to get the more! Little ads, source code... see more

'The Largest General Chemistry Glossary On The Android Market. Organized in Categories. 250+ Terms in 25 Categories... -... see more

'Hundreds of vocabulary terms & concepts taught in high school chemistry classes. Learn hundreds of vocabulary terms and... see more

'Talking Atom is a fun and interactive app that features a beautifully designed periodic table of elements. Learn the... see more

'A simple app designed as a quick reference for chemistry students. Includes a periodic table with links to wikipedia, a... see more

'A must have App for all students. Formulas Lite is a simple, easy to use application which helps you to refer collection... see more

'This application was designed as a tool for students to learn about the processes of glycogen, carbohydrate, lipid and... see more

'Chemistry FlashCards Physician, Nurse, Med Student aid for learning medical terms and words. Subject Decks include... see more

'* Now more than 2 thousand most important Objective questions or Multiple Choice Questions MCQs * Competition between... see more

'With goREACT, you can become a virtual chemist. Whether you're a novice or expert, the free play and guided modes make... see more

Interactive 3D chemistry animations and structures for advanced school chemistry and undergraduate chemistry education.... see more

Isomers AR is an immersive augmented reality game where you build and discover new molecules in 3D. Using the Isomers AR... see more

The first and only tool for organic chemistry that allows students to learn and practice reaction mechanisms by moving... see more

En este objeto de aprendizaje se muestra cómo desplazar, girar o rotar estructuras moleculares o representaciones... see more

En éste video se detalla un caso práctico de aplicación del ensayo t de comparación de las pendientes de dos rectas de... see more

En esta presentación se discute el resultado de la aplicación del ensayo de Lucas para la distinción entre alcoholes... see more

En este video se justifica el carácter aromático de compuestos heterocíclicos sencillos a partir de su estructura... see more

En esta grabación se describen las principales reacciones de oxidación de alquenos, prestando especial atención a la... see more

En esta grabación se describe el mecanismo de la condensación aldólica y se proponen algunos ejemplos representativos de... see more

En esta grabación se justifica la in estabilidad de los cicloalcanos menores a partir del concepto de tensión anular,... see more

En esta grabación se explica el modo de obtener en ChemSketch el nombre sistemático de un compuesto a partir de su... see more