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LanguageReef mainly caters to the needs of the Indian people who have migrated out of their motherland and are scattered... see more

'Get ready to learn a new language. Lexicon makes it fun to quickly and easily practice and quiz yourself on a foreign... see more

LinguaeLive is a free web tool for instructors created by instructors. It allows any of them to connect with colleagues... see more

Web portal with resources on teaching and learning world languages for business and the professions.

Partner Only Material

Rúbrica para un primer curso de traducción.

The Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project, an initiative of AdvanceLearning, is a collection of... see more

A common misconception is that if you simply speak two languages, you can translate. Just take the corresponding words in... see more

Languages are unique. Every language has unique words that are hard to find in other languages, which makes translation... see more

An impressive collection of mobile applications for teachers and learners of French and other World Languages. Many are... see more

Découvrez le français en Afrique avec TV5MONDE, la plus grande classe de français interactive.

Universal Subtitles is a software project and online community that's building the world's simplest subtitling tool.... see more

Verbling is a video chat site designed to let users connect with a native speakers of a different language in order to... see more