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A complete collection of short stories by the Brazilian literary giant, Machado de Assis. 217 stories of which 205 are... see more

Este texto procura inicialmente apresentar um pouco da história desta língua, partindo das raízes latinas na Europa até o... see more

A Jangada Brasil é uma revista eletrônica, que está na internet desde agosto de 1998, com a missão de promover o registro... see more

A webquest suitable for Portuguese language learners at the advanced level. This quest incorporates all the principles of... see more

The Network of Business Language Educators (NOBLE) is a community which brings together professionals across disciplines... see more

A site that outlines the features of the cronica genre, so popular in Brazilian newspapers and magazines. Users can read... see more

Literatura Brasileira em Meio Eletrônico: orientado pelo Prof. Alckmar Luiz dos Santos, esse projeto propõe a construção... see more

A variety of web units on Brazilian studies, including famous authors and their works for students and faculty in... see more

Study module on João Cabral de Melo Neto with excerpts from his works, critical and biographical information.

Grammar explanations, the Portuguese alphabet and phrases with sound, interactive exercises and cartoons.

Conjugations for verbs in numerous languages.

Online spellchecker for Continental Portuguese. A Brazilian version is soon to be introduced. User types text and... see more

This is an exceptional site for locating all types of content material in creating modules. The are links to the... see more

Network TV from around the world in a variety of languages. 138 stations available.While language professionals routinely... see more

Traveling Suitcases areare part of the Center for Latin American Studies's free lending library. They artifact... see more

Adote um parágrafo é um projeto aberto para traduzir para o português e disponibilizar na rede textos sobre comunicação e... see more

Baticum! is a textbook for advanced learners of Brazilian Portuguese organized around music. In addition to the grammar,... see more

BBC provides international news, analysis and information in English and 42 other languages. It has a global network of... see more

A great resource for researchers, faculty and students of literature in the Portuguese language and some other... see more

The United States and Brazil: Expanding Frontiers, Comparing Cultures explores the history of Brazil, interactions... see more

This site offers live an international array of live radio, TV, music, and Webcam throughout the world.

Portuguese lessons for speakers of French.

One of the major Brazilian Portuguese dictionaries in its online version. Easy to navigate, robust and comprehensive,... see more

Um dicionário de qualidade superior que esclarece dúvidas relativas ao caboverdiano, na variante de Santiago, disponível... see more