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This Code, consisting of 24 imperatives formulated as statements of personal responsibility, identifies the elements of... see more

These Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics were first presented by Barquin in "In Pursuit of a Ten Commandments for... see more

Collected information regarding ethics in computing organized around the following categories: Computer Abuse, Basic... see more

Pragmatic guidelines for Testing and Debugging. Outline includes the followig: Testing The Testing Attitude Black-Box... see more

The Pledge of the Computing Professional promotes the notion of computing as a recognized profession at the time of... see more

"This article is a quick overview of Continuous Integration summarizing the technique and its current usage. Continuous... see more

A free Java computer science textbook with associated videos and labs. Emphasis on Advanced Placement and contest... see more

VPL is a programming assignment management system, integrable with Moodle, that lets students edit and execute programs... see more