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Tourism is the most important export sector in Montenegro, with a share of 22% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP)... see more

The electric vehicle (EV) is a kind of innovation helping to address the issue of climate change and conventional energy... see more

In the past, research addressing the issues reflecting industrial needs for sustainability-related curriculum design in... see more

A growing body of research suggests that the composition of a firm’s board of directors can influence its... see more

In South Korea, approximately 88.5% of online users have obtained news and information from news aggregators such as... see more

In accordance with the requirements of PN EN 13201-5 standard for road lighting installation, energy performance... see more

This article critiques a focus on ‘sustainable development’ which highlights a liveable ‘future’ without paying adequate... see more

For more than two decades the sustainable development of island countries and ecosystems has been a subject of... see more

Many key global sustain- ability challenges are closely intertwined (ex- amples are provided in the figure). These... see more

This paper focuses on clean energy solutions in order to achieve better sustainability, and hence discusses opportunities... see more

The global food system makes a significant contribution to climate changing greenhouse gas emissions with all stages in... see more

There is a need for biological conservation at the global scale, and urban conservation has the potential to support the... see more

Two concepts that provide new directions for public policy, environmental justice and sustainability, are both highly... see more

The Green Revolution has led to a threefold growth in food production in the last 50 to 75 years, but increases in crop... see more

Over the last decade, sustainability science has been at the leading edge of widespread efforts from the social and... see more