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This coursefocuses on developing our ‘classroom and beyond’ teaching skills. Good teaching is ‘knowing the content’ – but... see more

Portail de cours en ligne mis a la disposition au public. certains cours sont ouverstr et d'autres necessitent une... see more

This class will cover a variety of topics spanning the creative to the technical. Some of what we'll touch on includes:... see more

This course is intended for students pursuing research projects at the Media Laboratory. Topics include Media Lab... see more

This class teaches the fundamentals of signals and information theory with emphasis on modeling audio/visual messages and... see more

MAS.450 is a laboratory course about holography and holographic imaging. This course teaches holography from a scientific... see more

This class deals with the fundamentals of characterizing and recognizing patterns and features of interest in numerical... see more

This class explores interaction with mobile computing systems and telephones by voice, including speech synthesis,... see more

As the digital revolution brings with it radical changes in how and what we learn, people must continue to learn all the... see more

This class investigates cognitive science and technology as it is applied to the industrial design process. The class... see more

This course illuminates current theories about autism together with challenges faced by people on the autism spectrum.... see more

This course is a broad introduction to a host of sensor technologies, illustrated by applications drawn from... see more

This seminar explores approaches to representation for distributed cinematic storytelling. The relationship between story... see more

This course provides a hands-on introduction to the resources for designing and fabricating smart systems, including... see more

This is an advanced graduate course on quantum computation and quantum information, for which prior knowledge of quantum... see more

Networks are a ubiquitous way to represent complex systems, including those in the social and economic sciences. The goal... see more

The aim of the students from the Numeric Photography class at the MIT Media Laboratory was to present an exhibition of... see more

Innovation in expression, as realized in media, tangible objects, performance and more, generates new questions and new... see more

This project-based course explores new design strategies for social interaction in the computer mediated world. Through... see more

This course will explore the state of the art in common sense knowledge, and class projects will design and build... see more

How do words get their meanings? How can word meanings be represented and used by machines? We will explore three... see more