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Homework to provide students with a introductory understanding of the discipline of Software Engineering.

This video describes the usage of the JUnit Testing framework. It covers aspects ranging from installation and Eclipse... see more

Project Management techniques and ideas to help a project efficiency.

Tutorial de introducción al modelado de software con UML, explicando la utilidad de sus diagramas.

This is the electronic version of the Pro Git book by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub. It covers topics ranging from basic to... see more

This video lecture series by Prof.N.L. Sarda, Prof. Umesh Bellur,Prof.R.K.Joshi and Prof.Shashi Kelkar, Department of... see more

High-level overview of objectives and mechanisms for conducting Structured Walkthroughs. Addresses differences in types... see more

Quick reference to use in preparing for requirements elicitation activities.

This Code, consisting of 24 imperatives formulated as statements of personal responsibility, identifies the elements of... see more

This document shows achitecture styles that are attribute based

Code Ocean is a cloud-based platform that makes computational code used in research both accessible and usable.... see more

Abstract - In this paper give the comparative analysis of success in teaching materials and given are view by the... see more

Living in a networked world means never really getting to decide in any thoroughgoing way who or what enters your “space”... see more

Function Point Analysis educational materials, including self-paced course and manual. The manual is approximately 100... see more

Quick reference card to support Function Point Analysis. Shows key concepts, acronyms, and formulas.

Presentation and structured activity that introduces students to common workflows for contributing to open-source... see more

This is the closest I could find to a decent explanation of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.... see more

Neat explanation about why and what is E-R Diagram; Gives basic information about entity, attributes, and relationships... see more

Gives a really great introduction on how to get started with the Laravel 4 framework. How to install it, and how to... see more

Best Practices for Designing, Implementing, and Testing LC-3 Code

LC-3 Software EngineeringBest Practices for Designing, Implementing, and Testing LC-3 CodeNotes for “Discuss” sections in... see more

This presentation by Martin Fowler starts by giving a definition of software architecture from a pragmatic standpoint.... see more

A description of the MIPS instruction set.